Who's behind this?

My name is Alix Dunn and I am a London-based consultant. I founded Computer Says Maybe to help organisations address the complex opportunities and threats that technology presents for society.  
You can find me on Twitter @alixtrot, where I tweet about technosolutionism, data and social impact, and the political dimensions of technology development.
Read more about my work on my personal site, or check out my work on LinkedIn. You can also sign up for my newsletter The Relay here I share thoughts and readings on organisational design, ethical technical production, and systems thinking about technology, data and society. 
Niche! Do you do this for a living?

I do! I have been working for 10 years supporting practical uptake of new technology for social impact, and advising on the myriad issues that technology presents for society. I have founded a successful technology non-profit, acted as a trustee, a fellow, a senior advisor, and a program designer at several foundations, and have worked with nearly 100 clients.
I am also a keynote speaker and facilitator, working on organisational design and development, AI ethics, and values-based approaches to technology production. 

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