How To Fund Tech

"The How To Fund Tech field guide is a thoughtful and energising guide for matching organisational values with technology and data opportunities. Any funder – technology-minded or not – will benefit from this clear, intentional, and multifaceted approach."

– Elizabeth Eagen, Information Program, Open Society Foundations

£9.00 (VAT incl)

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Do you want to be more confident and structured in how you integrate technology and data issues into your grantmaking? You have come to the right place. 


The Field Guide comes with:


  • Question sets to support your conversations with potential grantees

  • Frameworks to help you consider organisation's technical maturity

  • Guidance to create your own approach based on your values

  • Analysis of the unique role that technology plays in the social sector

The guide is assistive not prescriptive.


It is a reference that you can return to for guidance, your process, and ideas for how to fund technology.  

What others have to say about
How To Fund Tech

"Technology can no longer be viewed as a specialised field in the funding landscape. It impacts all of our lives and work, for better or worse. This guide helps take the fear out of approaching technology in grantmaking and serves as an excellent resource to support organisations to understand the role of data and technology in their work."

– Hanan Elmasu, International Human Rights Programme Oak Foundation


"The complexities of technology continue to confound even the most thoughtful and strategic funders. This is an excellent primer on how to be smarter and feel more confident in integrating tech into your funding strategy."

– Michael Brennan, Technology and Society, Ford Foundation