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Why it matters


Are you a grantmaker or leader in private or public philanthropy? Now more than ever, funders must think carefully about how they approach technology. They must refresh their strategies to tackle the challenges that technololgy and data present for the fields they support and think wisely about funding the development of new tools and capacities. It’s not easy.

Hype is hypnotising. New possibilities can crowd out critical thinking. The pace of technical change requires continued learning to stay on top of trends. The economic consequences of technical change are enormous. People fighting for digital rights are outgunned by Big Tech. Civil society around the world faces both sophisticated attacks, and complex opportunities.

With all of these dynamics at play, it can be tempting to leave the thinking about technology to “experts”. Don't. 

Given grantmakers' power to allocate resources, there is a significant level of responsibility to engage and work to get it right.

What to do

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This site and guide were produced by Computer Says Maybe.


CSM was founded by Alix Dunn, a leader in the technology for social change field. CSM has clients and partnerships with foundations, global technology companies, and non-profit organisations. We support partners to develop inclusive and astute plans that maximise opportunities in technology and data practice while mitigating harms.


With thanks to the grantmakers that provided feedback and support as we developed the guide, especially Hanan Elmasu, Elizabeth Eagen, and the team at the International Human Rights Programme at Oak Foundation.

And special thanks for production support from Anna Scott, Maya Richman, and Philpott Design / 2zero3zero.